• Question: What is your favourite animal

    Asked by faux495pan on 13 Nov 2023. This question was also asked by park495buy.
    • Photo: Amina Moss

      Amina Moss answered on 13 Nov 2023:

      I would say that my favourite is an octopus, just because they are so incredibly smart and versatile. They can solve puzzles and fit into almost anything. It’s really hard to keep some of them in a tank because they try to fit through any open pipe to escape. They can also change colour to make themselves blend into their environment.

    • Photo: Anton Edwards

      Anton Edwards answered on 13 Nov 2023:

      Long ago I was excited to discover how new water gets down to the bottom of sea-lochs. Sea-lochs are the same as fjords; they have been carved out of the land by glaciers and can be very deep. Sognefjord in Norway is about 1000 metres deep, which is impressive, but the deepest fjord I heard of is in Antarctica, where the Skelton Inlet is almost 2000 metres deep. I was able to describe how new water reached the bottom of one of Scotland’s deepest sea-lochs at 150 metres only less than once a year.

    • Photo: Tanya Riley

      Tanya Riley answered on 13 Nov 2023:

      Going back to my childhood it was a killer whale, a bit of a cliché I know, but that’s what got me into marine biology. Now a days though there are so many fascinating animals in the sea that it is hard to choose just one. I do have a soft spot for the Syphonophore. Its so amazing how it is longer than a blue whale and made up of lots of little individuals.

    • Photo: Cristina Steliana Mihailovici

      Cristina Steliana Mihailovici answered on 13 Nov 2023:


    • Photo: Anuschka Miller

      Anuschka Miller answered on 14 Nov 2023:

      I have always been interested in animals that are seen as altruistic. As a young biology student I studied social insects – in particular ants. As a marine biologist I am fascinated by some of the larger whales for that reason. Intellectually I am more interested in how tiny organisms work though…

    • Photo: Benedikte Ranum

      Benedikte Ranum answered on 14 Nov 2023:

      My favourite animal is my Golden Retriever, Gina! So, not a marine animal at all. Although she seems to think so, because she’s always swimming. In terms of marine species, I think sharks are amazing creatures.

    • Photo: Mimi Asogwa

      Mimi Asogwa answered on 14 Nov 2023:

      It has to be a dog (although I don’t have one),
      A dog is mans’ dependable friend for ages, show us unconditional loves, relieves stress and keeps us healthy.

    • Photo: Karen Edwards

      Karen Edwards answered on 15 Nov 2023:

      My favourite specific animals are two springer spaniels, Hollie and Rose, that I often dog sit for as I don’t have any pets myself. Marine animals, I do love manta rays as they are incredibly graceful and puffer fish as they are SO cute.

    • Photo: Stephanie Horn

      Stephanie Horn answered on 16 Nov 2023:

      I love sharks and whales. My favourite is probably the blue whale because it’s so huge yet it eats such tiny creatures, I find that fascinating.

    • Photo: Jonathan Teague

      Jonathan Teague answered on 17 Nov 2023:

      Hands down sharks more specifically a bowmouth guitar shark because they are really cool looking!

    • Photo: Clemence Fraslin

      Clemence Fraslin answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      Humpback whales (and cats)

    • Photo: Camilla Cassidy

      Camilla Cassidy answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      I love manatees! They’re such gentle, serene creatures despite being so big (and a bit goofy looking). Did you know they’re most closely related to elephants?

    • Photo: Arlene Ditchfield

      Arlene Ditchfield answered on 1 Dec 2023:

      A leopard, not marine but they are just such majestical creatures.
      Although not as visually impressive as some of large marine creatures I have a fascination with microscopic life- small plants, animals and bacteria. My favorite fact is there are 100 million times as many bacteria in the oceans as there are stars in the know universe. Did you also know that 50% of the air we breath comes from the tiny plants in the oceans! They may be small but they have a big impact.