• Question: have you ever seen a peacock mantis srimp running about in the coral?

    Asked by sept495yeh on 21 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: Cristina Steliana Mihailovici

      Cristina Steliana Mihailovici answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      🙂 not yet.

    • Photo: Tanya Riley

      Tanya Riley answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      Unfortunately I have not, unless you count watching it on a tv show

    • Photo: Jonathan Teague

      Jonathan Teague answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      I have I had to move it from a holding tank to another tank just before a hurricane hit (Bermuda). We were all a bit scared it would try to hit us but it didn’t in the end plus it was only a little one.

    • Photo: Karen Edwards

      Karen Edwards answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      Sadly, no. I’ve been scuba diving in Hawaii but that is the only diving in the Pacific ocean I’ve done. They do look pretty amazing though!

    • Photo: Tetrienne Kerswell-Box

      Tetrienne Kerswell-Box answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      Sadly not

    • Photo: Anton Edwards

      Anton Edwards answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      Nope. I have had to Google “Peacock Mantis Shrimp” so as to understand your question 🙂 I have discovered that its zoological name is Odontodactylus scyllarus, that it is a extraordinarily good basher of other creatures when it wants to eat them, and that it has even been known to smash the glass of aquaria.

      Which all makes me quite glad I never met one.

      You might wonder why I tell you the zoological name. We use such Latin names because they are understood by scientists everywhere in the world. It saves us having to remember the dozens or hundreds of locally known names of each living thing.

    • Photo: Amina Moss

      Amina Moss answered on 28 Nov 2023:

      Unfortunately, no!