• Question: What goals do you wish to achieve as a scientist?

    Asked by MellyB on 10 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: James Bron

      James Bron answered on 10 Nov 2023:

      My main goal in all my work is to conduct research that is relevant to the planet, on a local, national or global scale, and which can help to improve the world we live in, now and for the future

    • Photo: Clare Johnson

      Clare Johnson answered on 10 Nov 2023:

      I want to be a scientist who other scientists respect because I do well-thought out thorough research and because I am a good person to work with. I want to be able to understand how the ocean works and help protect it. I also want to try and teach other people about how amazing the ocean is.

    • Photo: Wasseem Emam

      Wasseem Emam answered on 11 Nov 2023:

      To carry out meaningful research

    • Photo: Anton Edwards

      Anton Edwards answered on 11 Nov 2023:

      I don’t have and never had any great plan for my life. I just like to do one interesting thing after another. So my goal is to keep solving problems as they crop up.

    • Photo: Cristina Steliana Mihailovici

      Cristina Steliana Mihailovici answered on 12 Nov 2023:

      My aim since my childhood, it is to protect seas, oceans, habitats , … nature and .. human nature.
      How? Researching, exploring daily, contributing to many projects and activities, and never stop 🙂

    • Photo: Karen Edwards

      Karen Edwards answered on 13 Nov 2023:

      I joined the Environment Agency to do practical science to help protect and improve the environment. So, when I can help get developers to put in extra measures to ensure that the environment is protected, I am happy!

    • Photo: Amina Moss

      Amina Moss answered on 13 Nov 2023:

      I want to make a difference, whether big or small. I especially want to help grow shrimp/lobsters/crabs in the safest and healthiest way possible without causing harm to the environment and despite the challenges of climate change.

    • Photo: Tanya Riley

      Tanya Riley answered on 13 Nov 2023:

      My main goal is that the research that I do is impactful and makes a difference in the world. Maybe not on a huge scale, but that it goes towards informing decisions been made that are good for the planet

    • Photo: Anuschka Miller

      Anuschka Miller answered on 14 Nov 2023:

      I want to help make people fall in love with the sea. Because you protect what you love. And loving gives us meaning and purpose…

    • Photo: Stephanie Horn

      Stephanie Horn answered on 16 Nov 2023:

      I want to do research which has a purpose, is meaningful and which makes a difference.

    • Photo: Ambre Chapuis

      Ambre Chapuis answered on 20 Nov 2023: last edited 20 Nov 2023 2:47 pm

      My goal as a scientist is to do fun and helpful science! Working every day with new projects that satisfy my curiosity as well as help the well-being of animals and nature habitats.

    • Photo: Jake Norton

      Jake Norton answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      Firstly, to achieve my PhD with an impactful research thesis. Then I want to continue to work in aquaculture to help poor and rural communities around the world to benefit from the many positive impacts it can have, whilst aiming to eliminate human rights abuses within it. I would also like to help many other young marine scientists gain opportunities within the sector and help them to make meaningful contributions.

    • Photo: Mimi Asogwa

      Mimi Asogwa answered on 23 Nov 2023:

      To carry out research project that will have a direct impact on people living in the world eg understand why bacteria such as E coli are resistant to multiple antibiotics and advice pharmaceutical companies on how to produce effective vaccines.