• Question: What is your favorite country

    Asked by axes495ban on 8 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: Karen Edwards

      Karen Edwards answered on 8 Nov 2023:

      Every country I’ve visited has something special to recommend it. But, I’m from the USA so I might have to go with that – there is so much variety: big cities, small towns, countryside, deserts, forests, mountains, beaches and coasts. While the UK also has all of that, we also have a lot more rain here!

    • Photo: Benedikte Ranum

      Benedikte Ranum answered on 8 Nov 2023:

      I’ve been lucky enough to visit a lot of countries, especially here in Europe but also the USA. I’m from Norway and my family lives there, so that’s probably my ultimate favourite. But I love Scotland too, where I’ve lived for a long time – and I’ve had some great times in Greece, Spain and Germany! Next, I’d love to go to Iceland and Australia.

    • Photo: Tanya Riley

      Tanya Riley answered on 8 Nov 2023:

      Scotland is my favourite country. It has so much life and character. I love the borders which are grassy mountains, and the highlands including its huge forests! The lochs are beautiful and so are the beaches. There’s just so much!

    • Photo: Anton Edwards

      Anton Edwards answered on 8 Nov 2023:

      My favourite country is Switzerland. I love to be there in the mountains. They are called the Alps. The highest point is on Mont Blanc at 4809 metres, where it is usually very cold and there is often snow. I have never been so high. I like to to think how the Alps were made by two huge plates of rock being pushed together and crumpling upwards where they met. A lot of that happened about 40 million years ago but is still happening today, which is why there are earthquakes in northern Italy as the Earth’s plates of rock move together.

    • Photo: James Bron

      James Bron answered on 8 Nov 2023:

      I have no favourite country – I have visited countries all over the world and enjoyed experiencing their different cultures, languages, landscapes and histories. Most special has been the people who have always been welcoming and friendly and have encouraged me to expand my horizons beyond my own background and culture

    • Photo: Clemence Fraslin

      Clemence Fraslin answered on 9 Nov 2023:

      I don’t have a favorite country but if I had to “rank” the one I lived in It would be Madagascar, New-Zealand and Scotland as a tie and then France. All those countries are great for various reasons, Madagascar is my home, I was very lucky to grew up there as a kid and a teen but I would not go back to work there (no enough money to do good science in my opinion). I love to go back there to visit my parents and the country. I am very happy to live in Scotland, I love Edinburgh the proximity of the sea and the mountains makes it the best city I’ve lived in and I’m super happy to call it my home. although I’m French I’m not attache to France too much as I only lived there for 10 years but it’s great place to study as school and uni are free and of great quality! Every countries as pro and cons at the end.

    • Photo: Cristina Steliana Mihailovici

      Cristina Steliana Mihailovici answered on 9 Nov 2023:

      All of them. Speaking about seas and oceans, we are more water as a globe, and also as humans, and we should love all countries and all people, no matter what.

    • Photo: Amina Moss

      Amina Moss answered on 9 Nov 2023:

      This is a hard question to answer, each country has so much to offer, so many good experiences. I would say:

      Japan for the excellent food.

      Malaysia for the diversity in cultures, it was just amazing seeing muslims, hindus, and christians worshipping in buildings side by side.

      The Bahamas, because that’s where I am from, and it truly is a lovely place for anyone interested in the sea.

      Scotland is also lovely, with a diverse range of water bodies (lochs, rivers, lakes, beaches)

    • Photo: Camilla Cassidy

      Camilla Cassidy answered on 9 Nov 2023:

      My favourite place I’ve ever been to was a city in Canada called Calgary; they have a giant cowboy festival every year, and the people were so friendly. My favourite country to visit is Scotland – did you know that parts of Scotland have been filmed to represent other planets in different movies? It has so many different, wild landscapes. The islands around Scotland have amazing wildlife. I went once to small islands called Staffa and and Iona, off the coast of Scotland, to watch puffins.

    • Photo: Wasseem Emam

      Wasseem Emam answered on 9 Nov 2023:

      Costa Rica. It has a bit of everything, loads of nature, good food, nice people, great culture, etc.

    • Photo: Anuschka Miller

      Anuschka Miller answered on 14 Nov 2023:

      I don’t think I like the idea of countries. They separate people. I like things that connect people. The ocean is a great connector. Maybe that’s another reason I like working in marine science.

    • Photo: Stephanie Horn

      Stephanie Horn answered on 16 Nov 2023:

      Ohhh this is a hard one!
      I really love Bangladesh because I spent a long time there doing some research, so I consider it my second home.

    • Photo: Ambre Chapuis

      Ambre Chapuis answered on 17 Nov 2023:

      I think I have still a lot of countries to visit to choose a favorite, but I definitely fell in love with Scotland.

    • Photo: Mimi Asogwa

      Mimi Asogwa answered on 23 Nov 2023:

      Difficult to say as different places have unique things:
      Scotland has beautiful beaches; Thailand/ Vietnam has good food; Kenya has amazing wildlife; Italy has great history.